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9 Flowers You Should Never Give to Anyone, Ever

Flowers are always on top of the list when you are thinking about giving someone gifts on specific occasions. But while doing that, it is very much important to determine what flower you should give and what you should not. Not every single flower means great positive things. Rather, there are flowers that have very negative meanings and you might piss someone off by giving them those.We really want you to avoid such mishaps, that’s why we have complied a list of flowers you should totally stay away from in terms of gifting someone.

1. Aconite


Aconites are such flowers that don’t even look so good. There is no good reason why someone would want to gift aconite to their dear ones only because of the looks. Anyways, preferences are subjective and you might think aconites are beautiful. But still you should stay away from choosing this flower as a gift because it means hatred and detest.

2. Begonia


You might get quite surprised to see this entry into the list, as Begonia is not so uncommon in regular flower bouquets. The beautiful shape and color of begonia is appreciated by many. But the meaning of the flower doesn’t go that too well with the typical reasons of gift giving as it means deep thinking.

3. Buttercup


Buttercups are nice and sweet, but they are not great choices for giving gifts to a loved one. Buttercups mean childishness and immature behavior, and not in a so positive you. So, if you are giving buttercups to someone, then they might think that you are questioning their intellect and the ability to make rational choices. I’d stay away from choosing buttercups as gifts if I were you.

4. Butterfly Weed

Butterfly Weed

Don’t even think of giving butterfly weed to your beloved if you want them to stay with you! Under no circumstances you should consider butterfly weed as an option to give your beloved, as this flower literally means to leave someone. So, if you ever give this to someone, then you are telling them to leave you. If you love someone, of course you don’t tell them to leave you.

5. Yellow Carnations

Yellow Carnations
Yellow Carnations

I do concede that carnations are great gift flowers, and they are massively used in different sorts of flower bouquets, but they have a specific color code and you should know it before deciding to give carnations to someone, even in bouquets. Yellow is the color you must avoid when it comes to carnations. Yellow carnation means disdain and rejection. You have to stick to white or pink.

6. Cyclamen


If you are willing to send Cyclamen to someone, then make sure it’s someone you are willing to avoid and separate yourself from. This flower symbolizes separation, so not one of the best choices to give your beloved. If they know what this flower means, they might interpret the gift as a sign to get separated from you. You won’t have that much in your defense if that happens, so prevent it beforehand.

7. Orange Lilies

Orange Lilies

Lilies are really beautiful and sweet flowers, and vastly used in romantic flower bouquets. But just like carnations, you should be careful while choosing the color of the lilies of your preference. It’s barely a good idea to choose orange lilies because they mean hatred and detest.

8. Petunia


Petunia is strikingly beautiful, but they are not great options for giving gifts to people whom you care about. If you want to show your anger and resentment to someone, then send them Petunias, but why would you even want to do that with gifts anyway?

9. Monkshood


If you are not willing to make someone fall ill, then never send them flowers like Monkshood. These flowers are highly poisonous, and can cause serious damage to the one who touches that. These flowers might look beautiful, but beauty is not the only thing you should care about while giving gifts to someone.

Do you think we should add some more flowers into our lists? Do you have a flower name in your mind? Do let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section below!