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Meaning of Common Funeral Flowers

Flowers are such elements that can be used to express any kind of feeling. Though commonly flowers are used to express happiness, joy and gratitude, flowers can be used to express sorrow as well. Even we see flowers on funerals, and these flowers have specific meanings.


Lilies Flowers

Probably lily is the most common flower that is used in funerals. When lily is used in funerals, it means the person who died was an innocent one and his/her innocent soul to be restored. If the color of the lilies is white, it represents purity and majesty. Stargazer lilies specify sympathy.

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Gladioli Flower

Gladioli have a tall flower stem composed of multiple flowers that can measure up to 4 feet tall. They are typically used in fan sprays, which are classic and elegant arrangements for traditional funeral services. The gladiolus embodies strength of character, sincerity, and moral integrity. They are available in a wide range of colors, including white, pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, salmon, and green.


Carnations Flower

Carnation flowers are fragrant and long lasting. That’s why this breed of flowers is a very popular choice for sympathy arrangements like funerals. If the color of the carnation is red, it evokes admiration and pink stands for remembrance. White carnations stand for innocence and pure love.


Roses Flowers

Rose is one of the most recognized flowers of the world. Roses are also considered as one of the most beautiful parts of funeral flower arrangement. White flowers can evoke humility, reverence, innocence and youthfulness. On the other hand, red rose represent courage, love and respect. Depending on the color of the roses used, different meanings can be evoked. It can base on your relationship with the person who has passed away.

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Meaning Flowers

Sending a seasonal spring plant is a nice and appropriate gesture to give to a grieving family. It can be enjoyed indoors and when they feel up to it, they can plant it in their garden. This hardy plant that will grow in almost any soil that is kept moist, and the mophead hydrangeas will continue to bloom for many years. The hydrangea is a gift of thanks in repayment for understanding and is given as a gesture of heartfelt sincerity.

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