Herbarium Oil Decoration Round (Royel Blue)-JMC Florist 0477

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Herbarium history
The oldest traditions of making herbarium collections or Horti sicci were traced to Italy. Luca Ghini and his college students created herbaria of which the oldest extant one is that of Gherardo Cibo from around 1532. While maximum of the early herbaria were prepared with sheets sure into books, Carolus Linnaeus came up with the idea of maintaining them on loose sheets that allowed their smooth re-ordering within cabinets.Why is Herbarium oil for Herbarium oil decoration, the combination of oil and preserve flower/plant. It’s usually remain same for a long time without any extra care. Weather temperature can’t harm or make any effect on it. It is used for increase the interior beauty of home. It has many uses. It’s an uncommon and different type of gift for corporate and personal occasion.

What is Herbarium oil decoration ?
The Herbarium approach that the plant specimen. Herbarium put preserved plants and dried flora in glass bottles and soaked in Herbarium committed oil. It is an interior goods which you can experience plant life long without care.Elements of Herbarium To make herbarium oil decoration you need herbarium oil, color chemical for oil, dry and preserve flower/plant/leaf which can easily remain same for a long period. It has specific way of decorate all flowers in a one bottle with oil.

How to make herbarium ?
To make a decoration in oil, first you have to choose perfect combination of flowers and color. Damage or any kind of tear of flowers will not be a good outlook. To make an eye catching and perfect one, you have to choose good combination of color. As it’s a transparent decoration, flower setting should be perfect too.

Here’s some tips:
1. Set weighted flower in down part of bottle.
2. After putting oil light weighted flowers will come up
3. Long stem flower Patel can be used for upside coverage of the bottle
4. Soft and spreader flowers should be used in middle part to make a clumsy circumstances into the bottle.
5. Dried fruits and vegetables can be a part of Herbarium oil decoration.Herbarium Oil Decoration Round (Royel Blue)-JMC Florist 0477


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