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Today’s Birthday Flower: 28th March

Those who have birthdays today can consider themselves really lucky, because their birthday flower is Robinia Hispida! The name sounds weird? But the flower is not. This is one of the most famous wild flowers of the world, and for some very good reasons.As this flower can grow in toughest environments, it represents strengths and the ability to come out successful even under harsh circumstances. That’s why people having their birthdays today are considered to be emotionally strong and hard working.

The color of this flower is purple, which is quite unique as well as soft at the same time. This represents how nice the person is who has her/his birthday on 28th march.The Robinia Hispida shrub can grow up to three meters tall with bristly, glandular stems. The flowers are a bit similar to pea flowers, but the size is quite bigger. The flat pod fruit kind of looks like regular pea as well. The root of Hispida can be used as a remedy for toothache.

It is such a flower which does not only look good, but also has other beneficiary usage as well. That’s why having your birthday on 28th March makes you really awesome!