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8 Best Propose Flowers to Make Her Say Yes

Flower has been one of the most significant elements when it comes to proposing a girl. Studies have shown that when a girl is proposed with a bouquet of flowers , the chances of her saying yes gets doubled. There are many different flower options and even custom bouquets that are specifically designed for proposing someone.These propose flowers are well-known, and girls understand that too! That’s why choosing one of these great flowers while proposing someone is a great idea, if you are looking for a yes! Check our list, and choose yours!

1. Red rose

Red Rose-Propose-Flowers-to-Make-Her-Say-Yes
Red Rose Propose Flowers to Make Her Say Yes

Probably this is known to all. Red rose is like the primary symbol of love and romanticism. Red rose tops any list made dedicatedly for romantic flowers. That’s why you will get immense courage when you go to her with a rose bouquet holding in your hand, and utter the three magical words without any hesitation. In most of the cases, a dozen of roses is considered as the appropriate number for proposing the love of your life. Numbers don’t matter that much though, your love does. Say it with the warming beauty of red roses!

2. Lily

lily signifies the strong ties you might have with someone

Lilies are not too well-known as propose flowers. But do you know that lily signifies the strong ties you might have with someone? If you think that you have a pretty strong tie with the love of your life, and want to take it to an official level, then proposing with lilies is a great idea. If her presence casts a spell in your heart, then lily is the best choice for you to propose her. Don’t think that lily is very normal and simple, as it has so many variants for you to choose from. Go get some!

3. Orchids

Orchids are vastly popular as a flower for decoration, or house beautification. But did you know that Orchids are exceptional propose flowers? I bet you did not. Orchids can send a very strong message how much you love her. This strong message means that you really love her from the bottom of your heart. You also have to show your girl that she’s something very special to you, and how much you value her. Orchid is indeed a very special flower for the special girl of your life. Just start the effort to kick-start the journey of love and affection with Orchids!

4. Daisy

Daisy Bouquet - Best Propose Flowers to Make Her Say Yes
Daisy Bouquet – Best Propose Flowers to Make Her Say Yes

Daisy is one of the most beautiful flowers of the world, and has a nice romantic attachment to it. Especially in South East Asian countries, Daisy is considered as a major symbol of love and affection. Daisies are very cheerful flowers, and if your beloved is a cheerful person herself, she will definitely love the daisies you are going to give to her. An additional note on a white colored floral card will be a great addition to the flowers, and will increase your chances of getting her love back for your effort.

5. Tulips

Tulip is globally considered as asymbol of romanticism
Tulip is globally considered as asymbol of romanticism

Rose is the most famous romantic flower, but Tulip is not that far behind. Tulip is globally considered as a symbol of romanticism. Most importantly, just like roses Tulip has their own color language as well. That’s why you need to make sure that you are choosing the right colored tulips for proposing your girl. Going for the red or pink ones would be the best option for you. To some, Tulip is an even better flower than rose for proposing as it doesn’t have thorns like roses. It doesn’t matter, just go with Tulips.

6. Carnations


The person you love makes your life colorful and happy. She makes your life full of happiness and joy. So, when you are thinking of proposing her, choosing a cheerful flower is just perfect! Carnations are very colorful and anyone feels cheerful while looking at them. These round shaped delightful flowers are able to melt anyone’s heart and make them yours. While proposing, use one or two side flowers with the Carnations to make the combination look even better. Or if you want, go with different colored carnation flowers to bring out the colors from your heart.

7. Iris


Iris is best known for the composed beauty it has. If you are someone who is doing this for the first time ever, then Iris is very good choice for you. It is quite understandable that you are nervous, and want everything to go as planned. Blue colored Iris will be your great companion on this, and you can expect a positive response if you can create a great impression with the flowers at the very first place. Iris is also a flower that represents hope, so you can expect to show your hope you have on your beloved when you are going to propose her with this.

8. Sunflower

White Rose with Sunflower Bouquets

Sunflower is another flower that represents joy and happiness. Sunflowers are quite big as well, compared to the other flowers out there. That’s why you can show how big a heart you have if you propose your girl with sunflowers. But remember, as these flowers are quite big, don’t think of giving her way too many of these. 5-6 at most would do. Otherwise she might feel hesitated to accept the flowers as carrying such big ones might seem like quite a nuisance. If you have a love filled heart, then the number of flowers won’t matter that much!