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Find Out In Which Month A Flower Blooms

Flowers as birthday gifts are considered as an innocent and sweet present. Almost all of us want flowers as a birthday gifts. However do we know each month of a year has special flowers? This is because some flowers are born in the particular month and often these flowers point towards a person’s nature and attitude. In this article you are going to read about the flowers of each month and why they are significant for that month.

January Birth Month Flower – Carnation and Snowdrop

Carnation and Snowdrop

Flower: Carnation and Snowdrop

Meaning: Admiration, Deep love, Purity, Luck and Gratitude.

These flowers bloom in colder months of the year. They blossom in the time of January. January seems to be the lifeless month of the year. These flowers put life into the dead month of the year.

February Birth Month Flower – Violet and Prime Rose

Violet and Prime Rose

Flower: Violet and Prime Rose.
Meaning: Modesty, Faithfulness And Humility

The Violet flower represents to be true and loyal. During the Victorian age, the soldiers used to gift it their lover to offer their loyalty for their partners. Prime rose is a special rose. This is an indication of honest love. It is considered to be gifted in Valentine’s day.

March Birth Month Flower –  Daffodil


Flower: Daffodil.
Meaning: New beginning, Prosperity, Luck and Faithfulness.

Daffodil brings joy to the dead nature. Daffodil is a flower to start everything fresh. Daffodil can also be gifted to wish new journey of life.

April Birth Month Flower –  Daisy and Sweet Pea

Daisy and Sweet Pea

Flower: Daisy and Sweet Pea
Meaning: Motherhood, Purity, Innocence

This is an excellent flower which should be gifted to new mothers or pregnant women. Also, for baby showers or one year old’s birthdays can be decorated with these flowers.

May Birth Month Flower –  Lily and Hawthorn

Lily and Hawthorn

Flower: Lily and Hawthorn
Meaning: Motherhood, Innocence, Purity

These flowers can be gifted to your new partner to make them understand your pure and honest love. These are very unique and rare flowers.

June Birth Month Flower –  Rose and Honey-suckle

Rose and Honey-suckle

Flower: Rose and Honey-suckle

Meaning: Motherhood, Innocence, Purity Rose is a loving flower.

Almost 90% of the world population propose their partner with roses. There are variety available. Honey-suckle attract butterflies and their stems taste sweet.

July Birth Month Flower –  Water-lily


Flower: Water-lily
Meaning: Positivity, Open heart, First Love

Water lily is like Lotus. This is a very innocent flower and can be offered for first love. This also indicates for being close to someone’s heart.

August Birth Month Flower – Gladiolus and Poppy

Gladiolus and Poppy

Flower: Gladiolus and Poppy
Meaning: Infatuation, Faithfulness and Integrity

These two are very bright flowers. They should be offered when someone is outspoken and extrovert. These flowers are the best for expressing liking.

September Birth Month Flower –  Aster and Morning Glory

Aster and Morning Glory

Flower: Aster and Morning Glory
Meaning: Wisdom, Faith, Purity and Innocence

These flowers symbolize freshness and wellness of health. These are very bright so they indicate stars of the sky.

October Birth Month Flower –  Cosmos and Mari-gold

Cosmos and Mari-gold

Flower: Cosmos and Mari-gold
Meaning: Passion, Creativity, Beauty and Warmth.

Time of leaving Autumn. Mari-Golds represent that fierce and strong love of someone who is not ready to leave early. Cosmos on the other hand represents tranquility and peace.

November Birth Month Flower –  Cheery Crysanthemum

Cheery Crysanthemum

Flower: Cheery Crysanthemum
Meaning: Deep passion, Love and Honesty

It comes in a wide range of colors and represents honesty and deep love of somebody.

December Birth Month Flower –   Narcissus and Holly

Narcissus and Holly

Flower: Narcissus and Holly
Meaning: Hope, Luck and Wealth

These flowers stand for protection and defense. They are very strong and loving flowers.

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